Diagnosing Machine Learning Pipelines with Fine-grained Lineage

Z. Zhang, E. R. Sparks, M. J. Franklin
To appear, HPDC, 2017

Random projection design for scalable implicit smoothing of randomly observed stochastic processes

F. Belletti, E. R. Sparks, A. Bayen, J. Gonzalez

KeystoneML: Optimizing Pipelines for Large-Scale Advanced Analytics

E. R. Sparks, S. Venkataraman, T. Kaftan, M. Franklin, B. Recht
ICDE, 2017 website

Paleo: A Performance Model for Deep Neural Networks

H. Qi, E. R. Sparks, A. Talwalkar
ICLR, 2017 website

End-to-end Large Scale Machine Learning with KeystoneML

E. R. Sparks
UC Berkeley Ph.D. Thesis, 2016

Scalable Linear Causal Inference for Irregularly Sampled Time Series with Long Range Dependencies

F. Belletti, E. R. Sparks, M. Franklin, A. Bayen, J.E. Gonzalez
NIPS Time Seriews Workshop, 2016

Embarassingly parallel time series analysis for large scale weak memory systems

F. Belletti, E. R. Sparks, M. Franklin, A. Bayen
pre-print, 2016

Matrix Computations and Optimization in Apache Spark

R. B. Zadeh, X. Meng, B. Yavuz, A. Staple, L. Pu, S. Venkataraman, E. R. Sparks, A. Ulanov, M. Zaharia
KDD, 2016

MLlib: Machine Learning in Apache Spark

X. Meng, J. Bradley, B. Yavuz, E. R. Sparks, S. Venkataraman, D. Liu, J. Freeman, D. Tsai, M. Amde, S. Owen, D. Xin, R. Xin, M. J. Franklin, R. Zadeh, M. Zaharia, A. Talwalkar
JMLR-MLOSS, 2015 website

Scientific Computing Meets Big Data Technology: An Astronomy Use Case

Z. Zhang, K. Barbary, F. A. Nothaft, E. R. Sparks, O. Zahn, M. J. Franklin, D. A. Patterson, S. Perlmutter
IEEE Big Data, 2015

Automating Model Search for Large Scale Machine Learning

E. R. Sparks, A. Talwalkar, D. Haas, M. J. Franklin, M. I. Jordan, T. Kraska
SoCC, 2015

E. R. Sparks
UC Berkeley Masters Thesis, 2014

MLI: An API for Distributed Machine Learning

E. R. Sparks, A. Talwalkar, V. Smith, J. Kottalam, X. Pan, J. Gonzalez, M. Franklin, M. Jordan, T. Kraska
ICDM, 2013

MLbase: A Distributed Machine Learning Wrapper

A. Talwalkar, T. Kraska, R. Griffith, J. Duchi, J. Gonzalez, D. Britz, X. Pan, V. Smith, E. R. Sparks, A. Wibisono, M. J. Franklin, M. I. Jordan
Big Learning Workshop at NIPS, 2012

TOCTOU, Traps, and Trusted Computing

S. Bratus, N. D’Cunha, E. R. Sparks, S. Smith
Trusted Computing - Challenges and Applications, 2008

A Security Assessment of Trusted Platform Modules

E. R. Sparks
Dartmouth College TR2007-597, 2007